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Definition of #directioner


Most awesome people on earth! If you are a Directioner you are most likely cooler then everyone else. Directioners will rule the world one day, dont doubt that.

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A person who is a fan of the British boyband One Direction

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Someone who likes the British boy band One Direction. They have the deadliest of fandoms.

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Followers of a group of british kids that sparkle as bright as Edward.

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I think a real directioner is a person who is dedicated to a British/Irish BoyBand One Direction who loves each and everyone of the 5 boys Harry,Louis,Niall,Zayn and Liam equally and loves them more than anything in this world.... That will be there cheering them on until the end. That cries when they cry, that laughs when they laugh.That is what a directioner is

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An amaZAYN person who is dedicated to the brilLIAM boys of one direction. A fan who fangirls when listening to them. And devotes their life to the boys that light up our world. A directioner knows everything about the boys and every inside joke. when they see pigeons They yell Kevin. True DIRECTIONERS know that they always have jimmy protesting. :)

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A directioner is someone who loves and supports the British/Irish boy band One Direction. Some call themselves dedicated, this means you know every little thing about them, from their home town, to what their ultra sounds looked like.

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Directioner is a term for people who walk the earth only to sing, dance, and fangirl along with many others to 1D. They have many times been considered the awesomest people on earth, and it is true that they are.

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