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Is a form of saying 2017 on the internet.


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  • In 2K17, K stands for kilo; k=1000 so 2k17 means 2017


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  • K means kilo (10^3) which means thousand So we use 2k17


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  • A mobile basketball game with its version of 2017


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  • Harimau Malaya and the ten thousjvb


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  • It means 20017 just with a k instead of a 0


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  • 2k17means 2017(two thousand seventeen) , where k denotes for thousands


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  • 2k17 means lillah mor, and another form to critisisz you're mother


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  • When people think typing a "k" saves more time and space than typing a "0"


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  • I want see the tag before your charecter


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  • 2k17 means F**k off! Thats why there's normally a name after 2k17. For example: 2k17 Kacey


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