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A movement made by people to free Brazil from big media manipulation.


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  • Boycott of one day without watching the Globo network television who criticized the coach of Brazilian soccer


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  • A movement that is making the difference in the people's mind, even that Globo not regonize it They can try manipulate the results, as they make with everything in the country, but they cant change the reality. Globo's days are counted. Brazilians arent donkeys or stupids, not anymore! We opened our eyes and they will have to face it!


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  • A day without a Newspaper who doesn't report the news but tries to make the news. A newspaper who supported the dictatorship of Brasil from 1964-1985, to increase its' own power within the country. The paper has no interest in reporting the facts, the only interest is to attempt to control the people, even it means treating them as fools.


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