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Hashtag used by hate-filled lefties as they wish for Rush Limbaugh to die after being rushed to the hospital with Chest Pains. And we want these people in charge of our health care system?


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  • It shows people know the world was better off without Hitler and would be better off without Rush. Sometimes you have to put politcal correctness aside.


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  • Hashtag used by those who believe that the death of Rush Limbaugh would serve the greater good of the United States of America, despite the obvious moral qualms when it comes to wishing death upon another.


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  • #dierushdie shows how badly the left is scared of free speech and cannot accept the truth.


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  • Hashtag showing that Libs are being consumed by the dark side of the force, by hatred.


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  • Brain dead Leftinistra think everyone must die to make their points that people hate them. The Leftinistra are morons.


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