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Singers with dreams of super stardom audition and compete in a series of challenging rounds in the hope of living their childhood and lifelong dreams.


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  • An American reality show/singing competition based on the UK's 'Pop Idol.'


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  • The twitter hashtag means your favorite idol that lives in America.


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  • A method for miserable people to vicariously humiliate others and experience second-hand the satisfaction of performing cruelty to people as desperate as they are.


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  • Sad fluffy people chasing celebrity


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  • A porcelain statue of Abraham Lincoln eating cake. This particular idol is very well enjoyed throughout the country, however has been criticized for being grossly overrated.


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  • A retarded show for a retarded populus. Mediocre singers are given a shot at fame by publiclly humiliating themself on a reality tv show. The winner gets a contract with a major record label and then is quickly forgotten.


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