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I sell out Swed named Tim berg the Swedish DJ


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  • Avicii is another word for cock in latin


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  • Its a nwo bullshit you should be well aware of


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  • Avicii means the lowest level of hell in Buddhism


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  • Avicii is the stage name of Swedish DJ and recording artist Tim Berg. Berg takes his stage name from the lowest level of Naraka, the realm of hell, in Buddhism.


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  • Avicii is the 7th floor of hell (alp)


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  • Avicii came from Buddhist's Belief. It is the name of the Deepest hell(7th) it Pronounce as A-Way-G (อเวจี) mean Abyss


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  • It was is computer user name for some computer game or online messenger and now he uses it as his dj name


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  • Avicii is a world famous electronic dance music DJ


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  • It doesn't have a given meaning in the English language. It is another name for the Swedish DJ Tim Berg, used as the formal artist name for his hit Levels.


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