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A cute nickname


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  • How do you make your crush love you


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  • Boo thang is what you call a person that is unofficially your significant other


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  • A boy or girl whom isn't by title your boyfriend nor girlfriend; but to whom you share a good relationship with. So much you love him or her and Y'all have respect for each other. Enough for space and to be free and comfortable with what you have to not need a title or everyone in your face. It's the missing rib, twin flame, confidant. _Yosheii????


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  • A boithang can just be a name your boy/girl friend calls you like my boyfriend he calls me his boothang all the time at first we was just friends wit benefits but now we are together as boyfriend and girlfriend and we are in love wit each other all boothang means to me is just a nother pet name for your man or woman


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  • It is when you want to get slapped in your face by me


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  • Is boo thang bad when you all ready in a relationship?


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  • This has to be it


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  • A boy or girl that's not your boyfriend or girlfriend but you share a good relationship and you love him or her and yall have respect for each other.


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