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These are usually contrails that have been mis-identified as something sinister. Advocates refuse to accept that normal contrails can persist for hours and evolve into cirrus cloud.


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  • Any aircraft induced cloud that is created by the process of particulate depostion other than condensation. Recognized by WMO and defined as Persistent contrails, Cirrus homogenitus, Cirrus Aviaticus . Persistent contrails are of particular interest to scientists because they are suspected to have an effect on global warming. Homomutatus may resemble cirrus, cirrocumulus, or cirrostratus,


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  • Chemtrails is the belief that many tons of aluminum and barium are being secretly discharged from numerous aircraft over the U.S. daily, as a population reduction and mind control project. Click-bait websites offering allegations as "proof" have been flooding Facebook with a monthly cycle of promotional images and headlines continuously since 2012.


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  • Suppressed layman's term to identify and differentiate air craft induced clouds also known as homogenitus cirrus or cirrus aviaticus. Homogenitus, anthropogenic or artificial cloud, is a cloud induced by human activity. Contrail-cirrus homogenitus aka persistent contrails aka chemtrails defined by the World Meteorological Organization as Cirrus homogenitus and Homomutatus


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