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Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo has published a series of manipulative headlines against Brazilian president candidate Dilma Roussef. Then, people are ironically suggesting new fictitious headlines to the paper, along the lines of Chuck Norris facts.


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  • In a desesperate way to push down Dilma Roussef, the news Folha de São Paulo and others keep releasing on the media bombastic news about a fictious past that never was real!


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  • #dilmafactsbyfolha is a series of mock headlines jokingly attributed to Folha de Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest newspaper, which took upon itself to produce injurious attacks against presidential candidate Dilma, in an attempt to help it's favorite albeit declining candidate from Sao Paulo, Jose Serra.


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  • Folha : Was Dilma, Osama's mother, who send the airplanes to WTC


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  • A childish attempt of Dilma's supporters to respond to the serious accusations made to her by strategy of mocking the accusers


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