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Flashback Friday


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  • Food Blog Forum


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  • #FBF usually means Follow Back Friday for most but can also mean: Face Book Flirting Female Best Friend Flash Back Friday Food Blog Followers


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  • Fbf means forget being forgotten. This is when you block all of the people who don't like the pic you post.???? ????????????


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  • #FBF can mean Fine Boy Friday for someone that wants to put a guy they like on their page.


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  • Fbf can mean several things. The main thing it stands for is Flashback Friday it can also mean followback friday or Facebook friend(rarely used) but mostly as flashback friday ????


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  • #FBF means flash back friday. You post a picture from the past on a friday and you use the hashtag flash back friday!


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  • Become a participant in a business forum with the world renowned trainer and negotiator


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  • It could also means former best friend


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  • Fart butt flare ???????????? its to show how funny u are


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  • #FbF can also mean Followback Friday


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  • Flashback Friday...post pics from last Friday.


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  • It means Flash back friday if u have a pic from a long time ago u can post it on friday and tag FBF


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  • #flashbackfriday...every Friday u post pics of ur past...for example pics of when u were 2 on Instagram


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