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Hater + Patriot Connotes a conservative who generally hates anything progressive, sophisticated, or forward looking in society. Often jingoistic, they openly express contempt for ethnic, minorities, people of color, liberals, or anyone that disagrees with their political views, most often garnered from Fox News anchors such as Glenn Beck, or talk radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh.


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  • US citizen who supports unconstitutionally dismissing others' inalienable human rights: to receive the benefits or detriments of their own actions, to their capital, their family businesses, their farms, their land, their housing, and to all other property they accumulate.They hold contempt for: anyone they label as 'different,' neo-liberals, or anyone that believes in individualism.


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  • Someone who can grasp the true disfunction and economic plight of America. Only to be ridiculed by racist, progressive, lemmings who have their heads so far up their own asses that they need Jay-Z to tell people to support Obamacare,To then wait 7 hours for an under-educated doctor to pull it out and charge tax-payers any price they choose while stealing supplied narcotics and plan B


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