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People basically telling a certain stalking author (Stewart Bint) what they think about his stalking behaviour and who aren't oblivious to his manipulating tactics.


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  • Stewart Bint is a failed author who spends his time stalking and harassing people on Twitter. He is a strange, barefoot alcoholic, whose own family detest him, and he has no online influence, so attempts to insert himself into the lives of people more popular than him (everyone on Twitter). He is a gaslighting, toxic person who pretends to be more than he is, in every aspect of his life.


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  • A hash tag for victims of stalker bint to let him know they will not tolerate his pathetic behaviour.


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  • A hashtag where people that have been harassed, stalked and gaslighted by pompous vanity published “author” and kitchen salesman Stewart Bint share their experiences.


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  • Stewart Bint has been harassing people for at least six years, deliberately and regularly targeting people with mental health problems. He falsely poses as an author & befriends victims by claiming to be able to help promote them in his blog or column. Past victims and ex-friends of his share experiences via the # in order to warn others so they do not fall prey to his manipulative behaviour.


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  • An old man preying on vulnerable kids. We won't have any of that nonsense.


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  • A hashtag set up for victims of stalker and barefoot obsessed failed Author Stewart Bint. Sadly now hijacked by a silly little 4Chan troll called Owen or Mr Wanking.


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  • A failed author who spends his time stalking/harassing people online. He’s particularly interested in young women. Will create fake accounts to follow them, after he’s blocked.


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  • Stewart Bint or can by Andy from Reading sometimes has a history of stalking and harrassing which is catalogued and can be found under this hashtag


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  • Hashtag about a very unpleasant character who race baits women playing one side against the other, while masquerading as the saviour Black women. Don’t interact. Just block him.


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  • Tweets under this hashtag are from trolls who've been stalking and harassing writer Stewart Bint for several years


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  • Support for victims of a certain online serial stalker and harasser. A way to find others effected by this stalker.


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  • A now discredited hate hashtag, set up to troll and harass author Stewart Bint following Twitter permanently suspending a troll who had subjected him to months of abuse.


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