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Hoe-ski is that female having sexual relations with various partners..


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  • Hoskie is a woman who had sex with more than one man, or simply Hoskie equals Eve Torres


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  • Hoeski is like female having sexual relations with various partners. i hate tha hoeski (eve) -.-


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  • A word that is a synonym to the word broski, only for a girl. For example: Eve: I'm so sorry, broski. Zack: It's alright, hoeski.


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  • Hoesli its a girl who get everything she wants using other people because that what people in this world do they use each other


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  • Cena should use her , Eve is fkin hot and if i was Cena i would kiss her in the middle of that ring


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  • John cena must be gayski have you seen eve she is beautiful I would let her do what ever she wanted to do to me


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  • Eve is not a hoeski when your that hot you don t have to be a hoeski because you can have anything you want


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  • What WWE wrestler John Cena called fellow wrestler Eve Torres. The storyline is that she was using another wrestler who liked her, Zack Ryder, to become more popular. She planned on using Cena as well, and destroyed his and Ryder's friendship. John Cena says that he lost a broski (Ryder) for a hoski (Eve).


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