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"Make America Great Again" is the catch-phrase used by GOP candidate Donald J. Trump on social media & websites as impetus continues building for his nomination as the Republican candidate for President of the United States=POTUS & successful future WIN in the 2016 General election.


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  • Misguided Appallingly Gullible Americans


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  • #MAGA bedeutet: Make America Great Again


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  • #MEGA Make elections great again. Let's get rid of unqualified, devisive and superficial candidates who attack the very system this country was built upon - democracy.


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  • Make all goons accountable! #MAGA SM


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  • Http://crosswordclue.club/2016/10/08/maga-twitter-hash-tag-trending/ #mega is the hashtag popular among Twitter – Social networking service where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – Candidate for President of the United States are the most talked about. TEAM TRUMP & THE TRUMP TRAIN ARE BEHIND YOU 100%! #MAGA


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  • It also means Morons Are Governing America


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  • Both of these #MAGA phrases are self-explanatory. I am no friend of Donald Trump. 1) Make America Gag Again 2) My Attorney Got Arrested


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  • #MAGA MAKE ALL GROPERS ACCOUNTABLE! Grabbing all woman's genitals Donald Trump!!


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  • #MAGA Latest definition: Many Assholes Getting Arrested Many Assholes Getting Arrested


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  • Make America great again :-) maga = make America great again !!!


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  • Make America great again campaña de Trump


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