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CAG says NDTV CNNIBN were given contrats of CWG of 3.78 cr on adhoc basis without procedures.


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  • A twitter outrage against corrupt practices of paid media and media hypocracy. CAG report says NDTV CNNIBN were given contrats of CWG of 3.78 cr without proper procedures. Inspite of this, there has been no complains/investigations & even no discussion in media. Hence, this is a pour of anger against paid media from disenchanted Indians fed up with paid journalism, their unethical activities.


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  • CCongress Party working against Hindus since 2004. NAC,NIA r ruling India. Communal Violence Bill defined Hindus as born communal.MLM type conversions in South India converted 2 crores Hindus recently. Ancient Indian History was removed in school syllabus/ SahithyaA awards given 2 anti Hindu literature. Hindu Gurus were targeted./Grand design to sever Kashmir Assam Manipur TN 2 weaken Hindu Unity


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