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Organized Conservative Resistance Alliance


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  • Organized Conservative Resistance Alliance. For more info see AlinskyDefeater's blog at http://alinskydefeater.wordpress.com/about/


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  • AWESOME GROUP OF FOLKS. LONG LIVE OUR REPUBLIC ! We will keep it that way ! And..to the Republic for which it stands, one nation UNDER GOD !


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  • This is an Abu conversation It's mean anybody but you conversation


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  • Old Constipated Racist Assholes


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  • Organized Criminal Reaction Association


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  • #llmd long legged mack daddy


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  • OK I started this tag so for the proper definition please see... http://2uds.sl.pt


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  • Online conservatives R asses.


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  • A support group of those who attempted to purchase oranges from a roadside Mexican, were diddled, and are now repulsed by their feelings of attraction to day laborers.


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  • Hail gay satan


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  • Cajun frut or w/e


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