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OFFICIAL RONALD PUTTER UPPER WITHER, It's a NON-Pansy, a Patriot who's on a team with other Patriots who stand with Ron!


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  • #ORPUW believes in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty,and a strong national defense.


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  • All great conservatives and patriots making a difference and impact on twitter.


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  • @bush_ronald was the leader and founder of the hashtag and he was gulaged because twitter is completely bias against strong conservative voices.


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  • The bane of liberals due to the fact we support personal liberty and they can't call us bigots.


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  • People who get it, who see LIARS like Obama, Reid and Pelosie for what they are Self promoting rich communists.


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  • Only Real Patriots United Win This is the new ORPUW


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  • ornery republican president undermines world- just another ornery republican politician whose main focus is his pocketbook, in turn undermining the sanctity of the world at large.


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  • A breed of sheeple whose conversation consists entirely of Fox News talking points. Incapable of independent thought.


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  • People too watered down to form their own opinions so they repost other people's quotes and ideas and pretend it's their original work. See also: dangerously out of touch with how the modern WORLD (not just their county) works.


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  • A group of conservative bullys who attack other conservatives.


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  • Derps. Nothing but small minded derps.


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  • A bunch of idiots being stupid instead of enacting real change or positive progress.


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