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Has to do with the best band in the world, Big Time Rush. We aren't fans, we're Rushers. And Rushers are better that Directioners and Bielibers.


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  • A boy or a girl devoting their time and life to four amazingly sweet guys in a boy band; People who love these guys for more than their looks and their voices but for their personality.


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  • Dedicated fans on Big Time Rush. The best fandom there is. They don't break people down they build up; unlike directioners. They have devoted their life to four boys. So they're the best fandom ever!


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  • A #rusher is someone who is a fan of the Nickelodeon band "Big Time Rush". Also the best/greatest fans in the world and people who are #rushers are the best people there is


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  • Fans of Big Time Rush that are overly obsessed with them. They are jealous of other fanbases like Beliebers and Directioners. If they lose an award to another Fanbase, they go apeshit and get all butthurt. Rushers have the most lamest comebacks and scientists confirm that they are dumber than the common chimpanzee. So there you have it, they are the most gayest and most jealous Fanbase ever.


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  • People who love Big Time Rush so much that it leads to excessive fangirling,losing your ovaries,being jealous of things a normal person wouldn't think of being jealous of,thinking of them 24/7,connecting almost everything to them and sometimes some of them or one of them,and devote your life to them. There is probably more but I'm just forgetting


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