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Literally means "Sandy does Anal". Sandy is a 28 years old brazilian Singer/Songwriter, famous since she is 5 years old. Recently in a Playboy interview she said it´s possible to have pleasure doing anal. In the past she was famous as a "good girl" and used to say she would marry virgin for many years (shw is married now).


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  • Sandy is a brazilian singer. She's almost thirty years, but was always very reserved, so people see her as a child. Then she was interviewed by Playboy magazine and said it was possible to have pleasure with anal sex. ha!


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  • Sandy is a famous singer in Brazil who grew up as a symbol of purity, mostly because of her songs lyrics that inspired thousands of children. But recently she became the girl from marketing of a famous beer brand with a suggestive name. As if it wasn't enough, she stated to Playboy that it's possible to enjoy anal sex and a famous lubricant brand is thinking about inviting her to its ads.


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  • Is a stupid joke wich is usually done by brazilians that play with serious things, like children in africa or children with cancer. actually this is sandy doe anal, just because of her interview on playboy magazine


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  • I think it's a troll. if you look it up a whole bunch of anal porn comes up. idk though because people are tweeting it saying like, "SAVE THE AMAZON!" or like "SAVE CHILDREN IN AFRICA!"


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