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Supreme council of armed forces


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  • The supreme council of egyption armed forces to run egypt after mubarak step down


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  • Supreme Council of Armed Forces


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  • New Mubarak(Supreme Council of Armed Forces)


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  • Supreme council of armed forces, the de facto ruling authority in Egypt. People who want the military to leave the power in Egypt often use hashtags such as #noscaf and #AnEgyptWithoutSCAF


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  • The Supreme Council of Armed Forces ( The ruler of Egypt after the revolution of 25th of January, usually it makes meeting only in wartime or emergency time, and it forms from the highest military leaders in the Egyptian Armed Forces )


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  • SCAF means: Supreme Council of Armed Forces, but it should be re-corrected to (Totally Masonic Controlled SCAF); so that people knows the truth about it. So, I'll cal it TMCSCAF meanwhile. Peace be among those who deserve it.


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  • Short for scaf bar or scaffolding bar - used by young car thieves to attack ignition systems of vehicles


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  • Scaf party


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