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Social Security 'Till I Die - used in reference to Souff Sinney Rabbletoe supporters


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  • Souffs Supporters Take It Doggy - preferred form of birth control for South Sydney supporters


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  • Souffs Scum Transmit Infectious Diseases: South Sydney supporters are known for their poor personal hygiene


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  • South Sydney Travesties In Dentistry is the sequel to the acclaimed Book Of Foods authored by Rusty C (aka evil wizard C'Rusty). It examines why adult South Sydney supporters have only two teeth (usually incisors) and examines the associated advantages including financial (Centrelink benefits), survival (feral fighting) and dietary (opening cans of VB and packets of Winnie Reds).


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  • Souff Sinney till I Die - a mating call of toofless wino's of dubious origin, who call Redfern home, but no longer can afford to live there


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  • South Sydney Til' I Die Relating to the NRL football team South Sydney Rabbitohs following them until you die


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  • SSTID - Scummy Summy Tugs Inglis' Dick


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  • Seattle Sounders 'Till I Die A saying used by supporters of Seattle Sounders FC of MLS (Major League Soccer)


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