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Twitter is host to a vile underbelly of angry anti-government conservatives, using hashtags like #tcot, #ocra, and #ucot. They want nothing less than the overthrow of the US government in favor of a corporate-theocratic oligarchy where their overlords dine nightly on underprivileged infants. Only an elite crew of internet trolls has the courage and the know-how to stop them. That crew is #STC.


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  • #stc stands for Semen Throwing Cocks, a militant gay underground cyberterrorist communofascist anti-Christian mafia. They typically target elderly retirees, Christian financial advisors and messianic Jews. #STC operates using extreme stealth at all times. If you wake up one morning and realize you can fit a PT Cruiser in your asshole, use caution, as it's likely you have been victimized by #stc.


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  • A group of people with post-secondary educations that all possess an ability to think critically. They systematically discredit #tcot #ocra and #ucot tweeters.


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  • #stc is a hashtag used for Serve The City


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  • "Subvert the country" - Left wing lunatics dead set on destroying America... often found watching MSNBC,reading the Huffington Post or tweeting nonsensical Democrat talking points.


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  • STC stands for the Society for Technical Communication, an international professional organization for technical writers and illustrators, instructional designers, Web designers, translation specialists, and others involved in technical communication. See stc.org.


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  • STC is the abbreviation for the Software Testing Club at www.softwaretestingclub.com


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  • STC is Saudi Telcommunications Company. Their Twitter account is @STC_ksa. It's better to use #STC_ksa when talking about the telco to avoid confusion with other #STC. / @Khaled


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