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Pete Wentz, bassist of Fall Out Boy sparked a train of nostalgia on the falloutboyrock.com messageboards. Each and every boardie realised how thankful they were for Fall Out Boy, and how much the band had impacted their lives. To thank Wentz for all the efforts he had put in for them over the years, they got #thankyoupete up as a trending topic, in hopes of him seeing.


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  • Bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz of the widely hated for hipster cred band, Fall Out Boy, set off massive nostalgia in an attempt to communicate with his fans. The people who realize that he's not a complete tool and don't like he is just to look like a bamf decided to thank him by setting up #thankyoupete as a trending topic, hoping that he would see it or hear about it.


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  • Pathetic Fall Out Boy fanboys from the falloutboyrock.com messageboard spamming twitter. The hashtag is also being mindlessly spread by people who don't understand it and pass it on for the sake of it.


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