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That means that whitney's funeral is being aired live from new jersey over the CNN chanel


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  • Whitney is not only an icon for those who love her, but she always humbled herself, and i know that GOD is awaiting his child! Whitney our hearts are sadden, by we know that you are FREE!!!!!


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  • Whitney your voice has not been silenced, your legs have not been stilled, you will sing again, you will dance again in the land of love and forgiveness, and you will be a guardin angel of your daughter.


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  • Thank you to the Houston family for allowing us to be a part of this very memorable service and thank you also to CNN for allowing us to be a part the service as well. It was like being right in the church with everyone else. God bless you all. T.G. Manitoba, Canada.


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  • She is my favorite favorite singer I will always miss her I adored her I looked up to her, and also loved to met her personally I'm one of her biggest favorites best fans


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