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Outs liberal trolls trying to infiltrate #tcot. The following users have been revealed to be liberal plants: @tracycoyle @couldbeme7 (also tried posting as @trollmageddon) and @devildawg99. If you read a tweet that uses homophobic "jokes", non-sensical insults or constant suggestions that a user is a "little boy" they are likely a liberal plant.


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  • A group of ignorant blow hards with little education and even worse insults. These people have no life and spend the majority of their day getting their ass handed to them by trolls and the congratulating each other for it


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  • The PREMIER M2M felching group on Twitter. A helpful hashtag to use when discussing edible lubricants, best pre-felch cuisine, and other tips of the trade.


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  • Chimp-like chumps who sniff each others' dumps


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  • A liberal false-flag hashtag used to "troll" conservative groups. Liberals use this hashtag to proclaim over-the-top far-right stances in hopes of ingratiating themselves with conservatives and/or insulting them. Self-proclaimed #wreckingcrew "members" will proclaim themselves as "troll-hunters", but are in reality the same liberal scum they profess to hunt down.


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  • A Group of American Patriots who Defend Free Speech of the Conservative Tweet Community when viciously attacked by the vile Trolls . ~ Like the trolls that have posted disingenuous & licentious descriptions here, to slander a great group of patriots..see @WreckingCrewUSA & http://wreckingcrewusa.blogspot.com/ for the truth..decide yourself...dont let buffoons lead you into their skulduggery.


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  • Wrecking crew?? I always thought #wc meant water closet, you know,, the brits term for the crapper. Oh well, the wrecking crew swims in the bottom of the toilet anyway, bunch of lib trolls attacking/lying/and putting down cons/vets & women more than libs


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  • A hashtag to use when describing getting one's stomach pumped but the only contents extracted are children's penises.


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  • A group started by a "crisis counselor" in hopes to use mind tricks to turn young liberals into Conservatives. The group is disbanding quickly since messing with the wrong people. Their sad attempts at a comeback will soon be stopped....and fast.


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  • #WreckingCrew fights trolls on Twitter.


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  • Tightly knit group of mostly conservative men and women dedicated to protecting twitter folks and fighting Trolls on Twitter. ...(some posers or trolls may use the hashtag as a ruse)


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