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Definition of #ll


Lesson Learned: referring to all the times when life throw us situations that seem like challenge and hardship but are filled with extraordinary opportunities for discovery, growth, breakthrough and transformation (not just a lesson a life altering moment offering the invitation to create something dynamically different.

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Defined by LARKinspiration (31 points)

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It is the abbreviated form of Illinois!

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#ll means nothing more and noting less than Love Life

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Loving you more tha ever

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Short for latitude, longitude. A way of geotagging a tweet, or "geotweeting". After the #ll tag, a latitude longitude pair should follow with a location relevant to the tweet. Can use to generate these hashtags, and see other people's geotweets on a map. Example: Just arrived in London, going to the pub! #ll 51.5001,-0.1262

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Hashtag for the socialist demonstration LL-Demo in Berlin.

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