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Definition of #swavey


Its mean I'm so gay! -_-so stop with this shit lmfao

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Example: #swavey when i'm gettin my knob robbed

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Swavey is an Identity, its not a catchphrase or footnote, its how one conducts him/or herself. Swavey requires belief when there are no believers, a look inside one selves , succeeding where others have failed. You cant say Swavey and not mention the Trackbusta'z

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Created by @RealJoshDavis and @Martymar2012. We are also called The TrackBustaZ. Swavey is the mix of Swagger and Wavey. Swavey is a way of life, a positive outlook on how to live, steering away from those who bring a negative vibe. It is having confidence in yourself and those around you. To know that you can succeed if you put your sould into it.

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