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Definition of #war


Battle cry uttered by Andrew Breitbart in the film Hating Breitbart. Used by Andrew Breitbart WARriors who rose up to fill his shoes when he died unexpectedly

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Conflict between 2 opposing views & opinions leading 2 armed force, vengeance & retaliation against the enemy.

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A 1970's musical band from Long Beach, California who wrote songs Lowrider, Cisco Kid, Why Can't We Be Friends? Harold Brown is the founder and drummer of the band.

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White Aryan Resistance

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Its a reference to the Jim Rome and take off from Auburn university battle cry "War Eagle" people would "war" something they feel strong about

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Defined by patrick_dalton3 (1 point)

Reference to the Jim Rome show. One would "war" something cool deserving to be fought for.

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