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Definition of #wreckingcrew


The PREMIER M2M felching group on Twitter. A helpful hashtag to use when discussing edible lubricants, best pre-felch cuisine, and other tips of the trade.

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Chimp-like chumps who sniff each others' dumps

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Wrecking crew?? I always thought #wc meant water closet, you know,, the brits term for the crapper. Oh well, the wrecking crew swims in the bottom of the toilet anyway, bunch of lib trolls attacking/lying/and putting down cons/vets & women more than libs

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A Group of American Patriots who Defend Free Speech of the Conservative Tweet Community when viciously attacked by the vile Trolls . ~ Like the trolls that have posted disingenuous & licentious descriptions here, to slander a great group of patriots..see @WreckingCrewUSA & for the truth..decide yourself...dont let buffoons lead you into their skulduggery.

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A group started by a "crisis counselor" in hopes to use mind tricks to turn young liberals into Conservatives. The group is disbanding quickly since messing with the wrong people. Their sad attempts at a comeback will soon be stopped....and fast.

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#WreckingCrew fights trolls on Twitter.

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Tightly knit group of mostly conservative men and women dedicated to protecting twitter folks and fighting Trolls on Twitter. ...(some posers or trolls may use the hashtag as a ruse)

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